About GCFN

Dear Counselor/High School Seniors,

The Green County Fall Nationals is a non-profit organization established in 2007. Initially designed to be a one-time entertainment event, GCFN continues to hold a truck and tractor pull at the Green County Fairgrounds every year!

The organization is proud to be able to contribute 100% of their profits back to Green County and surrounding communities and over the past years have donated over $400,000 to families and organizations in need.

Please visit our website at www.greencountyfallnationals.com to learn more about the organization which is currently sponsored by approximately 125 businesses and individuals in the area.

The continued success of our organization depends entirely on sponsorship and attendance at the event. Our logo is Pullin’ For The Community and it is our hope that we can continue this event in order to help make life a little better for individuals in our area as well as offering scholarships and other initiatives as we have done this year. Below are the details of the GCFN scholarship program:

1. This scholarship opportunity is available to all seniors who are currently attending a high school in Green County, Wisconsin.

2. Applications will include a 500 word or less essay along with one letter of recommendation. The one letter recommendation will need to be emailed to GCFNscholarship@gmail.com prior to the due date. 

3. Scholarship recipients must show proof that they will be attending a Wisconsin Technical College or University. Scholarship payments will be made at the end of the grantee’s 1st semester at college. The scholarship EXPIRES within one year of the grantee's High School graduation date. Each recipient must mail the scholarship provider with proof that he/she is officially registered as a student at the higher education institution. A check will be mailed to the recipient. Recipients are expected to be committed to continuing their college education.

4. Priority will be given to applicants who have been committed to volunteerism and service in their schools and communities.

5. One scholarship will be offered per high school in the amount of $500. 

6. Application deadline is before midnight on March 1st.


JoAnn Hawthorn
608-325-2299 or 608-558-4679

Jill Klossner

Congratulations on your Senior year!
Mark Hawthorn, Event Coordinator